New track and short interview with Invisible Oranges!

Sometimes metal is more important than the music. In the case of Indonesian solo black metal project Pure Wrath, metal is about life itself (specifically, the preservation of it). The project’s upcoming The Forlorn Soldier EP explores the nationalistic genocide of the 1960s during which many lost their lives and their families. Immersed in a blackened nocturne, Pure Wrath’s latest digs deeper into some of the thickest and most compelling atmospheres in the business, painting a grim and heartfelt picture of what took place so many decades ago. It’s a sobering look, really, as the The Forlorn Solider EP holds nothing back in terms of intensity and human pain — project mastermind Januaryo Hardy’s vocals are as pained and real as ever, coloring this music with true sensitivity instead of just the representation of it.

For listeners who are unfamiliar with the background on the The Forlorn Soldier EP, what story do the new songs tell, or what message do they convey? Is there some history which might be important as context?

Through “When a Great Man Dies” I try to tell about how horrible the 1960s genocide in Indonesia was happened. When male members from farmer families being accused supporting communist party, then killed, and vanished by the tyrant’s army in the name of nationalism. Both sides, nationalist and communist back in the days, only gave trauma and sorrow to poor innocent people on the land where my family have lived.

What’s new on this EP compared to 2018’s Sempiternal Wisdom? Did the band learn any new techniques or strategies to creating black metal?

This EP got me into write darker, harsher, and more “straightforward” structure on the music. I always want to write simple and easier riffs and arrangement but must sound huge at the same time.

How is the black metal scene in Indonesia? Do you know any bands from your area that are pushing boundaries in the genre?

The scene here is pretty small and more underrated compared to death metal or other metal. I would love to suggest you to pay attention to these bands: Vallendusk, Proceus, Unholy Tenebris, Choria, Hellucinate, and Sorem.

What is the musical background of you and Yurii – how did you two come together to write this music and propel this band forward?

I knew Yurii since his work on Marunata, then I discovered White Ward’s Futility Report album. His drumming is absolutely epic and fit on Pure Wrath’s future releases. After I’m done the EP completely, I asked him personally to fill the drums.



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