Pure Wrath started in the middle of 2014 as a primitive black metal solo project. In 2016 I started to change my views in Pure Wrath’ music to be more realistic to my real life and family history. Pure Wrath name itself means real wrath from the deepest mind of a person, including sadness, loss, sorrow, and anger.

In early 2017 I released the first album entitled Ascetic Eventide through Indonesian label, Hitam Kelam Records. Unexpected positive feedback came and the album CD sold out only 4 months since it released. A Mexican label, Throats Productions, interested to release Ascetic Eventide on vinyl few months later and then got me interested to offer another release to them. A split release between Pure Wrath and a French symphonic black metal project, Onirism, entitled Endless Journey released in the end of 2017 through Throats Productions.

In mid 2018 I started writing second full length entitled Sempiternal Wisdom which got a Chinese label, Pest Productions, interested to release it under their flag. It released in the end of 2018 and at the same time Hitam Kelam Records released it on CD for Indonesia region. Another good feedback came in and interests me to do live shows and find session players. In mid 2019 I decided to write a bridge of Sempiternal Wisdom to the third album with an EP and joined a well known French label, Debemur Morti Productions, for the upcoming releases.

Pure Wrath is now currently playing live around Indonesia and South East Asia to spread the music and get in touch with the fellow listeners and fans.

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