Pure Wrath was founded in 2014 by a lone wolf multi-instrumentalist Januaryo Hardy. From the ashes of pre-Pure Wrath projects, the critically acclaimed debut, Ascetic Eventide, was released two years after. Marked as one of the releases that emerged the amelioration of Indonesian black metal in a vast way.

Expressions of anxiety, grief, visions of life and his love of pure emotion, dedicated in an artistic entity through duality of aggression and melancholia in Pure Wrath’s black metal.

The sophomore, Sempiternal Wisdom, brought Pure Wrath to a bigger picture of worldwide triumph. The enthusiastic feedback that’s achieved from the existence of digital divinity became an unusual phenomena that urges him to bring this moniker to the wider world. Yurii Kononov joined as a permanent sessionist a year after to record the continuation, The Forlorn Soldier, giving him a chance of a wider exploration and new ideas.

The new album, Hymn to the Woeful Hearts, successfully pushed Januaryo Hardy’s songwriting perspective deeper to maturity and major expansion in musicality with Yurii Kononov’s ability to accommodate energic texture into its entirety. Created during the most exhausting and terrible situation in the pandemic, Hymn to the Woeful Hearts tells about how the silence, dark and depressing past times meant to be unveiled and yet the recent life surrounded by its serpents.

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