Taken from the sophomore album “Sempiternal Wisdom”. Released October 2018 via Pest Productions. Dedicated to Indonesian forefathers who worked, fought, and died for the sake of homeland.

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Above the land where I was born,
clouds and flashing sunbeams grasp the trees.
Fresh air shrouds all living things,
preserving hallways of tranquility.
Imperishable future of the elder’s destiny,
will never be forgotten.
Immortal fortress of the elder’s faith,
will never be neglected.
Our homeland.
Forever and ever after.
Mountains and valleys,
between our life.
Vast lands and clear skies,
merge us to stars.
Chasing other lives,
to feed our blood.
Rivers and lakes,
merge us to oceans.
Will never be forgotten.
Will never be neglected.
Unwavering stands in our hearts.
Forever and ever after.

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