Mountain Calls


2nd track from “Ascetic Eventide” debut album. Release date Feb 20, 2017.

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I’ve been following the source of footsteps
A march behind the coldest dark forest
Haze below the black clouds of the mountain
Scattered above this heretic madness
Even-though sunrise is shinning too cold
Behind the diagonal image of trees
Fair humidity inside the woods
Surrounded by echoes of wild ambient
In the black shades of tyrant
Finding a pleasure to living here
Between the twinkling flares above
Mother Nature enchants me with her charms
For the elders and the ancestors
I honor all the presents and form of peace
For all beings that are behind this silence
I surrender myself to the nature
A perfect creation..
Of what Earth needs..
A pillar of the sky..
That keeps the air above..
At the foot of the mountain
The river flowing toward east
On the top of the mountain
The strange voices is calling
The voices is calling..
The mountain is calling..

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